0.0 The decisions of the Server Administrator are more powerful than the letters on this page.
0.1 These rules apply to all users of this TeamSpeak server and cannot be avoided through ignorance..
0.2 By accessing the server, you automatically agree to the rules and take full responsibility for everything you say or write.
0.3 TeamSpeak Administration - a collection of all persons who have Administrator or Server Moderator rights.
0.4 Know and follow the rules of our TeamSpeak server ( - duties that apply to all users, including the server administration.

Personal information

1.1 It is forbidden to use meaningless, unreadable nicknames, unreasonably short (less than 3 characters) or long nicknames, names containing a large number of specials. symbols, as well as containing offensive or obscene words, fascist symbols, obvious derivatives of them.
1.2 It is forbidden to deliberately use other people's names (especially the names of administrators).

Communication on the server

2.1 When communicating through a general chat or microphone on non-password-protected channels, it is prohibited to use insults in order to humiliate someone and in a large number of any kind of obscene language.
2.2 When communicating through a general chat or microphone, demonstrative disrespect for users and administration, impudent redneck style of communication, threats of arbitrariness are prohibited.
2.3 It is forbidden to create any interference with the communication of other users (extraneous sounds, music, voice distortion programs, being on a channel with a poorly tuned microphone, etc.).
Note: If your actions do not interfere with other users or the latter themselves asked you, for example, to turn on the music, this is not a violation. If it's a spec. intended channel for music, then this is not a violation either.


3.1 It is forbidden to use a large number of specials in channel names. characters, make the names of channels and subchannels unreasonably short (less than 3 characters) or long, use any kind of rude or obscene words, their obvious derivatives.
3.2 It is forbidden to insert in the channel description an unreasonably large text using a large number of bb-codes, containing obscene words or expressions, pictures with scenes of violence, any other information that is contrary to generally accepted norms of morality and morality.
3.3 Subchannels. Game branches are allowed up to 5 subchannels.
3.4 It is forbidden to transfer users without their consent.

Other rules

4.1 It is strictly forbidden to advertise third-party resources, your blogs, other TS and servers in any form (in the description, in the nickname, in the channel name, etc.).
4.2 It is forbidden to challenge the actions of the administration on the server, calling into question its adequacy and competence, thus getting into destructive disputes.
4.3 It is forbidden to record a conversation for ordinary users on open non-password-protected channels, as well as on password-protected channels, whose administrators prohibit doing so.
4.4 It is forbidden to put yourself a description containing obscene words or expressions, any other information that is contrary to generally accepted norms of morality and morality.
4.5 Content of any kind is prohibited if it is illegal, promotional, insulting, racist, violent, pornographic, extremist, sexist, seditious, hurtful or otherwise negative..
4.6 It is forbidden to engage in any commercial activity.

Notes, clarifications

5.1 The rules may be changed and supplemented at any time.
5.2 The rules are valid from the moment of publication.
5.3 The representative of the administration is not obliged to warn anyone. Therefore, there can be no claims in this respect under any circumstances.
5.4 For all situations not described in the rules, managers make a decision unilaterally.
5.5 In case of repeated violation, the access ban time (ban) may be increased.
5.6 If a user asks to be banned, the administration representative has the right to do so.
5.7 The administration has the right to impose a lighter punishment, at its discretion.
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